Fiestas and traditions of Malaga province in Spain. Spanish fiestas
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Fiestas and traditions for the Malaga Province by order of date

For National holidays in Spain see here

*Some dates of fiestas will change each year depending on when weekends fall

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Date Place Fiesta/Festival
More info
Three Kings Festival (Los Reyes) - all over Spain
More info Video here
13th Comares St. Hilary of Poitiers Fiesta
17th Alhaurin El Grande St.Anthony Fiesta
More info
17th Cuevas del Becerro St. Anthony the Abbot
17th Cuevas Bajas St. Anthony the Abbot
17th Nerja St. Anthony (Maro)
17th Salares St. Anthony
17th Sedella St. Anthony the Abbot
17th Mijas St. Anthony
More info
20th Alcaucin St.Sebastian
20th Algarrobo St.Sebastian (Patron Saint)
20th Alhaurin de la Torre St.Sebastian
20th Almogia St.Roque and St.Sebastian
20th Benamargosa St.Sebastian
20th Benarraba St.Sebastian (Patron Saint)
20th Casabermeja St.Sebastian (Patron Saint)
20th Competa Local Fair
20th Frigiliana St.Sebastian (Patron Saint)
More info
Date Place Fiesta/Festival
More info
  Alhaurin de la Torre La Candelaria (Carnival)
  Alhaurin El Grande Carnival
  Alora Culture Week
  Alora Carnival
  Alozaina Carnival (Harineo)
  Antequera Carnival
  Archidona Carnival
  Ardales Slaughter Fiesta
More info
  Benarraba Food Fair
  Arenas Carnival
  Arriate Carnival
  Benalmadena Carnival
  Benaojan Carnival
  Campillos Carnival
  Cuevas Bajas Carnival
  Cuevas del Becerro Carnival
  Cutar Carnival
  El Burgo Carnival
  Estepona Carnival
  Frigiliana Carnival
  Gaucin Carnival
  Istan Carnival
  Jimena del Libar Carnival
  Malaga Carnival
  Marbella Carnival
  Nerja Carnival
  Ojen Carnival
  Pizarra Carnival
  Riogordo Carnival
  Tolox Carnival
  Tolox Powder Day
More info
  Torremolinos Carnival
  Torremolinos Verdiales
First week Algatocin La Candelaria
First day of Lent Arriate Old Lady's Day
Middle of Lent Arriate Old Lady's Day
1st to 3rd Rincon de la Victoria Virgen of La Candeleria
2nd Alfarnate La Candelaria Day
2nd Colmenar La Candelaria
2nd Fuente de Piedra La Candelaria
3rd Colmenar St.Blaise Fiesta
More info
14th Arriate St.Valentine
Date Place Fiesta/Festival
More info
March (All towns will celebrate Easter)
12th Igualeja St.Gregory
Mid-March Fuengirola Internal Districts' Fairs
19th Alcaucin Quarter of Pilarejo Fiesta
19th Cuevas Bajas Old Lady's Day
19th Cuevas del Becerro Old Lady's Day
19th Juzcar St.Joseph
1st Full moon in spring Alcaucin Passover (Jews)
1st Full moon in spring Algatocin Holy Week
Easter Sunday Algatocin Jesus in the Garden
Easter Friday Benalauria Mandaitos Procession
Easter Sunday Benarraba Bullfight
1st Full moon in Spring Carratraca Re-enactment of the Passion
1st Full moon in Spring Casarabonela Re-enactment of the Passion
Easter Sunday El Borge St.Gabriel Fiesta (Patron Saint)
Easter Sunday El Burgo Burning of Judas
Easter Sunday Gaucin Roped Bull
More info
Easter Sunday Igualeja The Child in the Garden
Easter Sunday Istan Loz Hornazos (Eggs in bread)
Easter Sunday Jubrique Burning of Judas
1st Full moon in Spring Riogordo Re-enactment of the Passion
More info
1st Full moon of spring Valle de Abdalajis Our Lady Of Sorrows
Primavera Torrox Faro Festival
Late March Periana Verdial Oil Day
Date Place Fiesta/Festival
More info
  Iznate Our Lady of Sorrows
23rd (5 days) Cartama Local Holidays
25th Alfarnate St.Mark Pilgrimage
25th Alfarnatejo St.Mark Pilgrimage
25th Benaojan St.Mark (Patron Saint)
25th Casabermeja Pilgrimage 'Tying the Devil'
25th Cuevas de San Marcos St.Mark Fiesta
More info
25th El Borge St.Mark Fiesta
25th Istan St.Mark (3km walk)
25th Villanueva de la Concepcion St.Mark (Patron Saint)
26th Benadalid St.Isidore of Seville
29th Genalguacil St.Peter of Verona Martyr
Last Sunday in April Canillas de Aceituno Virgen de la Cabeza, (Patron Saint)
More info
Date Place Fiesta/Festival
More info
Most towns celebrate May Crosses at some point and on the 15th May there are Pilgrimages for St.Isidore in most towns
More info
  Mollina Pilgrimage, Virgen of the Olive
  Sayalonga Medlar Day
  Villanueva de la Concepcion Torcal Pilrgimage
  Riogordo Snail Day
3rd Colmenar Pilgrimage, Dia de Pipa
First Sunday in May Benaojan Child in the Garden Festival
First Sunday in May Coin Pilgrimage, Our Lady of Fuensanta
Second Sunday in May Ronda Virgin of Peace
15th (3 days) Alameda St.Isidore the Farmer
More info
15th Teba Our Lady of la Cabeza Pilgrimage
15th Periana Saint Isidore
More info
Mid-May Ronda May Fair
27th-28th Alhaurin El Grande Local Fiesta and Fair
27th-29th Riogordo Cattle Fair
28th Alhaurin El Grande Pilgrimage to Villahermosa
Last week of May Casares May Pilgrimage
Late May Almargen Pilgrimage, Our Lady of Fatima
Date Place Fiesta/Festival
More info
24th June is San Juan (St.John), most towns have celebrations
unusual ones have been listed below
More info
13th Frigiliana St.Anthony (Patron Saint)
More info
13th Iznate St.Anthony
13th Pujerra St.Anthony of Padua
Mid-June Cortes de la Frintera Horse Pilgrimage
24th Estepona Burning of St.John's Moustache
24th Algatocin St.John Pilgrimage to the river
24th Cuevas Bajas Culture Week
24th Fuengirola Boquetillo Fiesta (St.John)
More info
Video here
24th Genalguacil 1st Official bath of the season
29th Arriate Grand Corpus Fair
Late June Alcaucin Puente Don Manuel Fiesta
Last weekend of June Sayalonga Fair
Date Place Fiesta/Festival
More info
16th July is El Carmen and celebrated in most towns
More info
  Archidona Feria de Perro (Dog Fair)
More info
  Alora Flamenco Song Festival
  Archidona Porra Flamenca
  Canete La Real Youth Week
  Competa St.Sebastian Fair
  Manilva Virgin of Fatima Pilgrimage
  Torremolinos El Carmen Fair
More info
4th-7th Rincon de la Victoria Summer Fiesta (La Cala)
First week of July Estepona Major holidays and fairs
10th-11th Campillos St.Benito Festival, Pilgrimage
12th-17th Rincon de la Victoria Virgen of El Carmen
More info
Second half of July Mijas Fair (La Cala)
20th-27th Tolox Culture Week
22nd-26th Fuente de Piedra Popular Fiestas
23rd-25th Competa Fair
25th Alozaina St.James & St.Ann Fairs
25th Moclinejo Valdes Fair
25th Montejaque/Velez Malaga St.James Fair
26th Manilva St.Ann
26th Salares St.Ann Pilgrimage
27th Archidona St.Aurelio Fiesta
Third week of July Benalauria Culture Week
End of July Antequera Santa Maria Flamenco Night
End of July Benaojan Train Festival
Last weekend in July Casarabonela Fiesta of Apostle James
July or August Nerja Las Cuevas Festival
July or August Torremolinos Flamenco Festival
Last Saturday of July Villanueva de la Concepcion Festival of Verdiales
Date Place Fiesta/Festival
More info
Early August Alcaucin Flamenco Festival
First Saturday in August Iznate Muscatel Grape Festival
First week in August Almargen and others Fair
  Alora Royal Fair
  Archidona Poetry Competition
  Benadalid Moors and Christians' Festival
  Cuevas de San Marcos Women's Fiesta
  Iznate Expats' Fair
  Ojen Song Festival
1st-4th Villanueva de la Concepcion Local Fiesta
First Sunday in August Benalauria Moors and Christians' Festival
First weekend in August Parauta Virgin of the Rosary
First weekend in August Sedella Our Lady of Good Hope
3rd Malaga Malaguenas Competition
4th El Burgo Virgin of Fuensanta Pilgrimage
5th Torrox Our Lady of Snows (Patron Saint)
Second week of August Gaucin Our Lady of Snows (Patron Saint)
Second week of August Pujerra Culture Week/St.Anthony
First half of August Casares/Malaga Fair
8th-12th Canete La Real Royal Fair
10th Valle de Abdalajis St.Lawrence (Patron Saint)
10th-12th Teba St.Toribio Fair
10th-14th Coin Cattle Fair
More info
11th Almogia Flamenco Festival
13th-15th Carratraca Our Lady of Good Health
13th-16th Mollina Virgin of the Olive Fair
14th-18th Archidona Our Lady of Grace Fair
14th-18th Pizarra Virgin of Fuensanta
14th-18th Riogordo Cattle Fair
14th-18th Tolox St.Roque's Fiesta
More info
15th Alcaucin Quarter of Espina Fiesta
15th Alhaurin El Grande Our Lady of Grace (Patron Virgin)
15th Archidona Fair
15th Benalmadena Town Fair
15th Cartajima Virgin of the Rosary
15th Casamermeja Our Lady of Good Help
16th Tolox Day of the Rockets
More info
16th (4 days) Monda St.Roque's Fiesta
20th-26th Manilva Culture Week
23rd-26th Guaro August Fair
26th-28th Vinuela Our Lady of Sorrows
Late August Periana Peach Fair
Date Place Fiesta/Festival
More info
September Bonfire night in Spain (Noche de las Candelas)
More info
  Alfarnate Our Lady of Good Health
  Casares Christ Fair
First weekend of September Almachar Feria Los Ajoblanco
More info
Video here
  Vinuela Raisin Festival
Beginning of September Ronda Pedro Romero Fair
First weekend of September Manilva Grape Harvest
First Thursday Torremolinos Tourist Day
3rd-4th Cuevas Bajas Fair
4th-6th Ardales Fair
7th Canillas de Aceituno Virgin of La Candelaria
7th Colmenar Bonfire Night
More info
7th Competa La Candelaria Fiesta
8th Antequera Our Lady of Good Remedy
8th (3 days) Gaucin Holy Child Fiesta
Sunday after the 8th Alora Pilgrimage, Virgin of Flowers
12th Alozaina Olive Fair
15th Mollina Grape Harvest Fair
15th Villanueva del Trabuco Virgin of Sorrows Fiesta
Third Saturday El Borge Raisin Day
24th-26th Cartama Cattle Fair
27th Benalmadena Tourist Day
29th Alfarnatejo Holy Christ of Cabritilla
29th (3 days) Istan St.Michael Fair
Late September Malaga St.Michael Royal Fair
Date Place Fiesta/Festival
More info
7th October is Our Lady of the Rosary for many towns and includes pilgrimages
First Thursday of October Torremolinos Fried Fish Day
4th Algatocin St.Francis Fair
4th-7th Torrox October Fair
Sunday before 6th Fuengirola Pilgrimage
6th-7th Fuengirola Our Lady of the Rosary
More info
Video here
6th-12th Benahavis Pilgrimage
9th-13th Ojen St.Dionysius Fair
10th-12th Villanueva de Tapia Cattle Fair
13th Nerja Fair of Nerja
19th Marbella St.Peter Fair
Third Sunday in October Benamocarra Holy Christ of Good Health
Late October Mijas Pilgrimage of St.Theresa
Date Place Fiesta/Festival
More info
1st-3rd Pujerra Chestnut harvest
More info
Video here
  Casarabonela Moorish Days
  Velez Malaga Our Lady of Good Remedy
1st Benalauria Chestnut Fritters
1st Competa Chestnut Festival
1st Torrox Chestnut Festival
1st Maro Chestnut and Sweet Potatoes
1st Casabermeja All Saints' Day
1st Istan/Marbella/Ojen/Ronda Toast Day (Toston)
3rd Pujerra Virgin of Fatima
30th Atajate Must Fair
Noveber/December Alora Painting Contest
Date Place Fiesta/Festival
More info
December includes Christmas everywhere
More info
7th-8th Cuevas de San Marcos La Candelaria Fiesta
8th Farajan Our Lady of The Immaculate
8th Guaro Custodians' Day
8th Montejaque Costume Party
8th Parauta Our Lady of The Immaculate
8th Tolox Our Lady of The Immaculate
12th Casarabonela Virgin of the Shepherd
More info
Sunday before Christmas Torrox Migas Day
24th Everywhere Christmas
More info
28th Malaga Fiesta of Folk Music
31st Casarabonela Town Square Bells
31st Everywhere New Year's Eve
More info
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